What categories of books do you have?
Our clients range from age 4+ up to adults who have no or some English.We have a specialised library for ELT courses at all levels (pre-school, up to University level), courses in English for Professions, famous dictionaries, children’s books and teenage fiction, award-winning fiction titles, classics adapted for various levels of English. Our full catalogue is here.
What are your working hours?
Monday to Friday from 09 to 17.00 hrs, but we cater for schools/individuals outside these hours as well, and by appointment.
Do you have books in other languages?
Yes, we have a small collection of a title called Tungatjeta, for learning Albanian.
Do you have books in medicine, technology or other sectors?
We do not have non-ELT titles on our regular stock, but we can always order them if they are Oxford University Press titles. We also have a small collection of books in Humanities (Marketing Management, International Relations, Art & Design) on big reduction, as they are older issues.
Do you have children’s books?
We have books for children aged 4 – 12, popular picture books, fable stories, activity books, flashcards, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bed-time stories and big foldable books – vehicles, in addition to popular teaching materials for this age group.
When and how can I order books from you?
You can order anytime. Our stock is replenished several times a year, so if you happen to order around this time (June, July, September, October, January), your book may arrive in 3-5 weeks time. We need the exact title of the book, and the ISBN (for not ELT books orders), and only the name/level for ELT course titles. Once we confirm your order, we invoice you and your pay it on our bank acc. 300000000995062 at Komercijalna banka AD Skopje.
Can I buy your books without coming to Skopje?
Yes, we can take your order online (email, FB) and deliver the books by cargo to your address. We use Cargo Express 047 / 220 350.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept VISA, and also online payment to our bank account 300000000995062 at Komercijalna banka AD Skopje. Goods can also be paid in cash, unless they have been previously invoiced.
I am teaching English in a state school with an Oxford title – do I get free teaching materials?
Yes, if you are teaching English with an OUP title, and for the first time – you & teaching team are entitled to free teaching resources. We require signed letter of request from the school principal, stating the number of teachers and their details.
I would like to switch to digital teaching – do you provide for online tuition?
Yes, CPT codes (Classroom Presentation Tool) have been in existence since 2019, and they allow full teaching-in-the-classroom experience. Instructions on how to use the CPT can be found here. You can also order a free trial code, in order to familiarise yourself with the platform.
I have some unused books due to lower school enrolments – can I return them?
Yes, unused and undamaged books can be returned back to us, and we will issue a credit document.
I would like to know more about some of the titles?
We have a range of digital brochures per title, the full OUP catalogue here (https://elt.oup.com/teachersclub/?cc=mk&selLanguage=en) and a lot of information on the Oxford Teachers’Club, and you can always ask to speak to one of our ELT consultants directly.
I need additional resources (activity sheets, lesson plans) – where do I turn to?
Oxford Teachers’Club offers a wide range of suc resources. Click here https://elt.oup.com/teachersclub/?cc=mk&selLanguage=en to register for free and enjoy the benefits.
Can I return a book I bought?
Books can be returned if they are intact and only if you provide the fiscal receipt, and within not more than 15 days from purchase for individuals. Return of books from our partner-booksellers throughout the country – is allowed by November only.
Do you have discount promotions?
We have annual discount promotions where you can buy our premium product at a fraction of price.Check our web-page catalogue for info on the sets/titles on sale.
I want to sell your books in my bookshop outside Skopje – is it possible?
Yes, we do have a wide range of bookseller -our partners throughout the country, in all major towns. Please write to manager@theenglishcentre.mk if you are new to us, and provide your company details (EMB, contact person, address).