Privacy Policy

Statement of Protection of Personal Data Collection

Privacy Policy
Responsibility for observing user privacy

Angliski centar is committed to observing the privacy principle during collection, usage and protection of users’ data. In accordance with these principles, Angliski centar dooel Skopje shall:

  • Deliver notification to users on the practice
  • Enable choice in how data is used for marketing purposes
  • Provide options for updating or changing data
  • limit the accessibility to your information
  • Enable contact regarding issues linked to privacy protection

Angliski centar dooel Skopje respects its clients and is dedicated to lawfully manage clients’ personal data. Attention is given to personal data, in accordance with existing legislation on privacy protection and in accordance with internal standards and practices.

Privacy Protection Policy of ANGLISKI CENTAR dooel Skopje

This policy includes information and practices on privacy protection that are implemented in the retail business of Angliski centar its web-page and other events and occurrences by Angliski centar. When submitting to us your personal data, you give your consent to our practice of data usage as described in this policy statement.

The applicability of this policy does not extend to web-pages outside the domain and Angliski centar dooel Skopje, which are accessed via the Angliski centar web-page through links to other internet presentations that are owned by third parties. At the same time, we’d like to draw your attention to the Privacy Policy for the purpose of familiarizing yourselves with methods of collection, usage, exchange and protection of your personal data.

Types of User Notifications

  • Е-zines
  • Е-mail and regular mail
  • E-surveys
  • Catalogues
  • Phone calls

Types of collected information

These are information that Angliski centar is permitted to collect:

  • Contact information of users (name, surname, postal and e-address, telephone number)
  • Information on payment methods and delivery (credit card number, delivery address)
  • Information on the personal choice (list of desired products, opinions, and product / service recommendations)

Information Collection

During shopping or during experiencing our service, we may request the following personal data in the following circumstances:

  • During customer online registration
  • During product shopping
  • During using particular service
  • During delivery
  • During customer surveying or award competitions
  • During contact via the web-page or directly at the Angliski centar bookshop
  • During participation at other activities organized by Angliski centar

Data Usage

Collected information may be utilized in the following circumstances and situations and events:

  • Filling in an information request/form
  • Competitions, surveys and events
  • New offers for products and services
  • Improving effectiveness of our web-page, marketing activities and offers
  • Implementation of surveys and analyses
  • Publication of other business activities

Collection of Information on or by others

Should you provide us with information on others or should others provide information on you, such information shall be used only for the purpose it was provided for.

Referral of Personal Data does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties

Provision of Security of Personal Data

Whether you are purchasing on the web or in our bookshop, protection measures are implemented that prevent or deter loss, abuse or unauthorized access to your personal data. does not guarantee security of any data that is being transmitted via email so emailing act is at your responsibility.

Considering the fact that the security of your personal data is high priority, there are certain activities undertaken that enable confidentiality, accuracy and safety of data transfer.

In order to raise the security levels, during creation of login details on our web-page, it is necessary for you to create personal password that would contain over 12 characters including number/letter combination. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and for the data provided in the log-in account.

Using Internet Cookies and other technologies for data collection

Internet cookies are small databases that are being sent to your internet reader by the web-page or the email, which can be saved by your hard-disc. Our web-page and the emails use internet cookies for maximum personalization of the purchase procedure via our web-page.

The cookies simulate permanent connection. This enables storage of information on your searches and your web sessions and allows access to the web-page without repeated personalization.

The web-browser can be adjusted to not accept internet cookies. In such case you’ll still be able to view our web-page, but you will not be able to create user account or to make an order.

Our web-server automatically collects information such as (URL) the web-page you came from, pages searched, web browser used to view or web-page and other statistical data that help understand how our visitors use our web-page.

The web-page uses services provided by third parties that provide in our name and via the Internet, an analysis on the traffic and the web-hits of our web-page. In this way, anonymous information may be collected on your visit of our web-page and your interaction with our information. For this purpose, technologies similar to those described above may be used, to measure shopping efficacy and е-mails.

Updating Personal Data is committed to the accuracy and completeness of your personal records. We have enabled several updating methods for this purpose.

If you have created a username at the you may update your records during logging or by:

  1. Emailing the request at
  2. Send a letter to our postal address: Angliski centar, Gradski dzid, blok 3, lookal 12, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

Whether by email us by a written mail request, please make sure you provide us with accurate records and changes you want us to make.

Collection of records from minors shall not willingly and intentionally engage in collection of personal data via Internet from minors aged 14 or under, as part of our commitment to child protection.


Should you have questions or complaints pertaining to the privacy and security of your personal records, or should you have any doubts or awareness of any threats to the privacy and security, please contact us in any of the below ways:

  1. Phone us at 02 3109 372
  2. Email us at
  3. Send a letter to our postal address: Angliski centar, Gradski dzid, blok 3, lookal 12, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia