Terms and conditions

1. Intro

Angliski centar dooel Skopje provides online service via its web-page at the domain theenglishcentre.mk which is owned and managed by the Angliski centar dooel Skopje (furtherin Angliski centar) at the World Wide Web net (furtherin – The Web). The service is about promotion and sale of books.

By using this web-page you declare your consent to the terms of usage stated therein below. Should the customer not agree with any of the states, rules and terms, please refrain from using this web-page.

2. General

These terms and conditions stipulate our terms for using this web-page by our customers of the domain Angliski centar. By using this web-page, customers declare their consent with stated terms and conditions and consent to using the web-page of the Angliski centar domain in accordance with those terms and conditions.

The right to use this web-page belong to the custom and cannot be transferred to other physical or legal entities. The customer is responsible for the ensuring protection of the data confidentiality of passwords, where they exist. The customer is familiar with the fact that, though the Web is generally a safe environment, there are occurrences of service interruptions. Angliski centar cannot be responsible for any loss of data arising during information transfer on the Web. The customer is agreeable and accepting that regardless of the reasons, the Web access can sometimes experience interruptions and temporary loss of service.

Anglisi centar retains the right to amend or discontinue any segment of its service or operation, including but not limiting to, the content, timing of availability, access equipment and usage of the page.

3. Amendment of Terms

Angliski centar dooel Skopje retains the right to terminate at any time and without prior notice, or amend any of the stated terms of usage.  For this reasons, customers are advised to get updated with the information contained in the Terms of Usage. Should there be amendment of the Terms of Usage and customer continued usage of the web-page at the Angliski centar domain, it is understood that the customer accepts the Terms of Usage that are valid at the time of usage. Any amendment of the Terms of Usage shall be effective upon its publication on the web-page.

4. Equipment

The customer is responsible for procurement and maintenance of the personal equipment, including the entire software and hardware and other equipment necessary for access and usage of this or other web-pages, as well as any associated costs. Angliski centar is not responsible for any damage to the customers’ equipment arising from using this or any other associated web-page.

5. Users

User is physical entity that uses the services of the Angliski centyar domain web-page. Depending on the user rights of the web-page on Angliski centar’s domain, users are categorized in three categories: Ordinary User and Registered User (furtherin referred to jointly as – Users).

1. Ordinary User is any user not registered and who is allowed access to certain web content of the Angliski centar’s domain web-page. Should such user wish to access all content and services of the Angliski centar’s domain web-page, the user needs to register as per the procedure explained in detail on the Angliski centar’s domain web-page, in the “Log In” section. User registration requires certain personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Angliski centar’s domain web-page.

2. Registered User is any physical entity that had completed the registration process and who has access to all content and services of the Angliski centar’s domain web-page. The registered user has its own username and password log-in which are necessary for accessing the user profile, thus accessing all content and services of the Angliski centar’s domain web-page.

6. User Behavior

All communication and interaction through this web-page should be in accordance with these Terms of Usage. Users are required to align their activities during usage of this web-page, to the positive legislation framework in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Users are not allowed to publish or share the following materials or content from this web-page:

– that endanger or in any other way infringe the rights of others;

–  that are illegal by nature;

– that damage or threaten individual privacy;

– that are vulgar, offensive or derogatory in any other communication; or

– that entice illegal activities or actions;

Any behavior by the users that limits or hinders other users in using this web-page, is strictly forbidden. Users cannot use this web-page to advertise any religious or political propaganda, nor agitate others users of the web-page, to use other offline or online services which is directly or indirectly competitive to the Angliski centar.

7. Intellectual property

All materials found on the web-page of the Angliski centar domain, are and exclusive right of Anlgiski centar and are used under explicit approval of the intellectual rights holder or the trademarks and/or industrial designs. Any copying, distribution, transmitting, publicizing or other usage of this web-site content without prior writtem consent by the Angliski centar, I strictly forbidden. Any infringement of these conditions may result in damaging copy rights, or trademarks rights or any other intellectual property rights, and may also result in initiation of civic or trade action or criminal action against the misuser.

Users are solely responsible for the damage arising from infringement of copyrights, or from abuse of trademarks and other intellectual property rights or from any issues arising from the publication of such content.

8. Limitation of responsibility

Users are agreeable that they use this web-page at their sole responsibility. Angliski centar cannot guarantee uninterrupted usage of this web-page. Angliski centar does not guarantee the consequences resulting from using this web-page, nor the accuracy, security or content of any information or service provided through this web-page.

Angliski centar is not responsible for any damages or possible injuries resulting from error, discontinuation, defect, postponed transmission, computer virus, communication breakdown, theft, unauthorized access, and misuse of records, improper handling and any other action.  

Users are agreeable that Angliski centar is not responsible for offensive, improper, or illegal activities undertaken by other users or third parties and that any risks arising from potential damages resulting from above actions, lies exclusively on the users themselves.

In no case should Angliski centar  or any physical or legal entity involved in creation, production, or distribution of this web-page, be held responsible for any damages arising from usage of inability to use this web-page. Users explicitly confirm that this provisions refers to the entire content of this web-page.

Angliski centar shall not be held responsible for any errors, inaccuracies or other defects, inappropriateness or inauthenticity of information displayed on this web-page, as well as for any delays or cuts in information transfer to the users (such as e-mails not delivered), or any claims or loss arising therefrom, including financial loss.

Angliski centar shall not be held responsible for any content that users may upload on this web-page. Any such content uploaded shall be immediately removed from Angliski centar’s web-page.

9. Supervision

Angliski centar has the right to supervise the content of this web-page, with the aim to provide synchronicity and observation of these Terms of Use and any other terms stipulated by Angliski centar and the positive legislation framework. Angliski centar retains the right to remove any materials that are in opposition with Angliski centar’s policies on acceptable advertising and is found to be debatable in any other way.

 10. Third parties Content

In certain cases, content available on this web-page represents information by the appropriate provider, or user or other users that are not in a contractual relationship with Angliski centar. Angliski centar does not authorize such information and consequently cannot be responsible for the accuracy and credibility of such content publicized on its web-page, made available by staff not employed by Angliski centar. Angliski centar shall not be made responsible for any loss or damage resulting from users’ reliance on information published on Angliski centar’s web-page. Users have the sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and the usage of any information, opinion, attitude, advice or other content as made available on the Angliski centar’s web-page. The web-page on the Angliski centar’s domain contain links to web-sites by third parties that are maintained by other content providers. Such links are publicized from practical reasons and not as confirmation of any kind by Angliski centar and on the content of the third party web-sites. Should users decide to access third party web-site and content, they are doing that at their responsibility. Unless users have entered into contractual arrangements with Angliski centar that would allow authority to do so, the users   or third parties cannot place links from Angliski centar’s web-page on any other web-page.

11. Other provisions

Titles used in these Terms of Usage, are for ease of orientation and shall not in any way affect the interpretation of content contained in them.  Should the relevant court find that any of the above Terms of Usage provisions are invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining provisions in these Terms of Use. Should any of the sides decide not to exercise their rights under these Terms that shall not constitute as recall or loss of such rights or any other rights states in these Terms.

Any disputes that may arise as a result of using this internet – page (other than stipulated otherwise under a contact) are under jurisdiction of the Skopje Courts and shall be resolved under the positive legislation of the Republic of North Macedonia.