INSIGHT ELEM WB CPT CODE – 9780194058858

INSIGHT ELEM WB CPT CODE – 9780194058858

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Classroom Presentation Tool is a digital resource for the front of the class with an extensive range of easy-to-use features. Download to your tablet or computer, connect to an interactive whiteboard, projector or screen and teach lessons that run smoothly – every time.Capture students’ attention with activities that fill the screen so that everyone can participate, even large classes.Show the Workbook on-screen during lessons.Play audio at the touch of a button.Launch activities in full-screen mode to focus your students’ attention on a single activity.Open the scripts that accompany audio activities so students can read the dialogue at the same time.Speed up or slow down the audio to tailor lessons to your students’ listening level.Plan your lessons wherever you are. Add text or audio notes to a page, save your web links, then open them in class.Reveal the answers to students one-by-one or all at once. Mark the answers on a page, then delete them so the class can try again.

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